• Our MSC will guide you through the necessary steps:


    REST-API key/MRT access data for the test system

    You will receive your REST-API key from us, with which you can start the integration of paysafecard in your test environment. In this step, you will also receive the registration data for the Merchant Reporting Tool (MRT), with which you can check the status of your transactions.

    Integration test

    After you have completed the integration of paysafecard, you need to test it in the MSC. You will find a set of test cases there which are carried out and checked in real time in the prescribed sequence.

    Acceptance test

    Please give our MSC your test registration data as soon as the integration test has been successfully concluded. Our team will then carry out the final tests. These include a check on the paysafecard logo and the associated text to ensure they are up to date and of sufficient quality. As soon as the tests have been successfully completed, your company will become an official paysafecard payment gateway.

  • In this case, you also administer the invoices for your customers. In order to be able to separate the business of your contractual partner for the purpose of invoicing correctly, you also need to integrate the so-called reporting criteria. These are assigned to each of your contract partners and serve to identify individual transactions.

  • In this case, the integration partner to whom you make the request will carry out the technical integration. Our MSC also guarantees when working with integration partners a verified and high-quality implementation of paysafecard as a method of payment. You can find the technical steps to be carried out here.