• The MSC is a tool that guides you step by step during the integration of paysafecard into your online shop. Once you are live you can check the status of your transactions there.

    Upon submitting the online form you will be logged in to the Service Center.

    During the onboarding of paysafecard you can use the MSC to:

    • Select how you wish to integrate paysafecard
    • Upload the required documents
    • Sign the partner contract
    • Complete the technical integration of paysafecard
    • Contact our support

    Once integration is completed, the MSC will remain available for you to:

    • Manage IP addresses
    • Download reports
    • Check the status of your transactions
    • Contact our support/contact information in case of emergencies

    If you are a Payment Gateway, you will only be able to use the Service Center for the technical integration of paysafecard.

  • A transaction cannot be successfully completed without calling "Capture Payment". The transaction amount reserved on the customer PIN or my paysafecard will be released. In such a case after the disposition time window is completed, the transaction fails.

  • In order to be able to access our system, you require access details. These are known as the API key. You can find your API Key in the MSC.

    These access details serve a verification purpose on our REST API and must be entered in your system as a required step in the technical implementation of paysafecard.

    Please note that you are obliged to keep this key confidential and to protect it from third parties. paysafecard assumes no liability for damages arising from the misuse of these access details.

  • Once the REST-API has been integrated in your test system, you will be requested to test its implementation. The MSC will supply you with a series of test cases which serve to ensure that the full range of functions of the paysafecard payments application is working.

    These detailed test cases are to be completed in real time in the order specified by the MSC. The test results are then verified by the paysafecard test system. Directly afterwards you will receive a test report summarizing all the details of the test case and providing you with information on any adjustments which may need to be made.

  • The acceptance test is done to ensure that payments with paysafecard are working as expected. This test is performed manually by our staff. Apart from checking that payments with paysafecard follow the payment workflow ( we also check that success/error messages are shown properly to the customer and verify the use of paysafecard logos.

  • The feature test is only carried out if you implemented Payout or Refund. Its purpose is to check that these services have been implemented correctly.

    After completing the automated integration tests in the MSC you can request the feature test. This test is performed manually by our staff, to perform the test we will need access to your test environment.

  • In order to switch to the production environment, you will have to enter the production API key and change the endpoints to production. In the MSC you can find and create new API keys and will also find the endpoints.

    Please notice that before you can see this production data you will have to complete the automated integration tests in the MSC (except if you are using a verified plugin or payment gateway), also the contract must be signed and some internal business steps must be completed in our side.

  • Sample codes for the paysafecard REST API are available from the download area on our website.

  • Yes, if this is related to a certificate issued by a recognized certification authority, such as Thawte or Verisign.

  • It is the time you have to call “Capture Payment” after the customer authorizes the transaction.

    The "Disposition Time Window" is a contract-defined period of time. The standard length is 10 minutes. Once a customer PIN or my paysafecard has been allocated, a transaction must be completed with an "Capture Payment" call within this period of time or the reserved amount on the customer PIN or my paysafecard will be released and returned to the customer.

  • You can integrate paysafecard directly or indirectly using a plugin, a payment gateway or a collecting/full service PSP.

    direct technical integration

    • You enter into a contract directly with paysafecard
    • Integration tests via the MSC
    • Sample code available online from the download area
    • Direct support from paysafecard
    • Notifications directly from paysafecard


    indirect technical integration

    • PSP –Payment Gateway
      • You enter into a contract directly with paysafecard
      • Technical integration completed by a paysafecard verified Payment Gateway
      • No technical work needs to be carried out by you.
      • Simplified integration tests - Direct support from paysafecard
      • Notifications directly from paysafecard
      • You can find a list of the Payment Gateways here
    • PSP – Collecting/Full-Service PSP
      • Contract not with paysafecard but with the collecting/Full-service PSP
      • Transactions and billing also completed by the collecting/Full-service PSP
      • No technical work needs to be carried out by you
      • You can find a list of the Collecting/Full-Service PSP here
    • Shop systems - verified paysafecard plugins
      • You enter into a contract directly with paysafecard
      • Less technical work needs to be carried out by you (only to set the shop system)
      • Simplified integration tests
      • Support from the shop system operator and paysafecard together
      • Notifications directly from paysafecard
  • Only if "Capture Payment" is successful the amount of the transaction is debited from the customer.

    If “Capture Payment” is not called or not successful the amount of the transaction will be returned to the customer’s paysafecard voucher or account after the disposition time window.

  • The first “Capture Payment” will be successful, the following ones will fail with error code 2017.

    Once the “Capture Payment” request is completed, the transaction status updates to “SUCCESS”, meaning that it has been successfully completed. If another “Capture Payment” request is made for the same transaction, the response [http400 and Error Code = 2017] is returned. In order to avoid this the status of the transaction must always be checked with “Retrieve Payment Details” and only call “Capture Payment” if the status is “AUTHORIZED”.

  • The customer has 30 minutes to authorize the payment.

    Once a payment transaction has been created (Initiate Payment), the customer has 30 minutes to enter a PIN in the payment panel or to log in to his or her my paysafecard. Once 30 minutes have passed without a PIN or my paysafecard log-in details having been successfully entered, the transaction status will update from “REDIRECTED” to “EXPIRED”. Transactions with the status “EXPIRED” are unsuccessful and the customer must create a new payment transaction.

  • This refers to the paysafecard payment panel. After starting a transaction, you must redirect the customer to the payment panel so that she/he can enter a paysafecard PIN or her/his my paysafecard user information to authorize the transaction.

  • paysafecard transactions may have 7 different statuses

      The initial status of a transaction once it has been created.
      The customer has been successfully forwarded to the paysafecard payment panel to authorize the payment.
      The customer successfully entered a PIN at the payment panel and clicked on pay.
    • SUCCESS:
      The transaction has been successfully completed.
      You, as the contract partner, have cancelled the payment.
      The customer has actively cancelled the payment in the payment panel.
    • EXPIRED:
      The customer did not authorize the transaction within the necessary time period or you, as the contract partner, did not complete the payment with within the necessary time period.
  • The paysafecard payment application is based on a REST API. REST, Representational State Transfer, is an architectural style of the World Wide Web. REST uses the standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.).

  • During the technical integration of paysafecard as a payment method you are guided by our MSC through the following steps:

    • Choose your integration type
      Choose if you are going to integrate paysafecard directly or indirectly through a plugin or a payment gateway.
    • API key/MRT access details for the test system
      paysafecard provides you with the REST API keys for testing our REST API and Merchant Reporting Tool (MRT, only available for test system to check the status of your transactions). If you are integrating with a plugin or with a Payment Gateway this step will be skipped.
    • Integration test
      A series of test cases are supplied in our MSC. These must be completed in the specified order in real time and checked against our system. If you are integrating with a plugin or with a Payment Gateway this step will be skipped. If you also implement one of our services, "Payout" or "Refund", once the integration test has been successfully completed, this feature is tested by our staff.
    • IP whitelisting for the production system
      After successfully completing the integration test, we request your IP addresses for the production system, which must be authorized in our internal system.
    • API key for the production system
      Once IP whitelisting has been completed, paysafecard will provide you with access details for the paysafecard production system. We then ask you to integrate paysafecard into your production system by entering the REST access details in your system.
    • Acceptance test
      Once this step is completed by you, our staff will carry out a final test transaction and check that the paysafecard logos and copy text are up to date and meet our quality requirements.
    • Go Live
      Once the acceptance test has been successfully completed by our staff, paysafecard will be authorized for use as a payment method for your online shop and you can start processing payments with paysafecard.
  • For security reasons, our production system permits access to whitelisted IP addresses only. For this reason, we request that you provide all IP addresses which you wish to use to access our production system during the step “IP Whitelisting”.